Susan Cianciolo
Game Room, Nature Maze.
To live A Life on Earth is one of the Highest Honors

18.9.19 – 13.12.19 

Press release: EN – IT

The relics of the prior residence, in a trip between Milan and Sicily, are the base for the installation produced for the solo exhibition GAME ROOM / NATURE MAZE at Martina Simeti gallery by Susan Cianciolo. The “memorabilia” of the Simeti family – an old towel, a dress dug from a grave of leaves, many African fabrics, traces of the travels of the gallerist – have become part of this prodigious marquetry. Contributions have also come through the wind that made roll up into the room the colored plastic bags and the oil container for pantagruelian frying, testimony of the myths of Sicilian cuisine. Dystonic signs juxtaposed in the Sicilian hours, dotted with the fruits of the mulberry, and then moved permanently to Milan. Hanging on the walls, lying on the ground or resting on the table, all this work deals with ethnological, anthropological issues, important both for the artist’s journey and for the gallerist’s journey, and evidence of the profound exchange of experiences that occurred on those summer days between the two women in search of primordial glyphs.

As in that stage of the preparation of a script where everything is still possible. [Excerpt from the Flash Art review by Marco Tagliaferro]