Martina Simeti
Since opening in 2018, the gallery has collaborated with a number of emerging artists with the aim of giving space for their work to grow, both in terms of embarking on new projects and staging new exhibitions.
Martina Simeti is deeply involved in the production process together with the represented artists, working actively to generate new opportunities for exhibition beyond the walls of the gallery itself.
Martina Simeti is part of ITALICS Art and Landscape.
Via Benedetto Marcello 44 – 20124 Milano
Wednesday – Friday 14.30 – 18.30 
Saturday 11.00 – 18.00
Tel. +39 02 36513 326
Instagram: @martinasimeti

Martina Simeti: founder and director
Elisa Miotti: artist liaison and production manager
Anna Abbà: registrar
Letizia Agostini: assistant

The gallery does not review unsolicited submissions
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