Re-membering Turi Simeti

Re-membering Turi Simeti
A photographic project by Giovanna Silva
In collaboration with Fondazione Archivio Turi Simeti
25.2.22 – 19.3.22
Opening 24 February, 4 – 9 pm
Press release: ENG – IT

Giovanna Silva visited Turi Simeti’s studio shortly after his death. The photos were taken on several different occasions, in close succession. The hundred or so shots feature details from the studio. Each shot is repeated, with an almost imperceptible difference from the previous one, as if each immersion in this space afforded a different level of insight, a discovery renewed each time. There are no overarching visions but dense details emerging from his life story. “It was more than immersing oneself in a studio. It’s a home, an opus and a lifetime.” What emerges is a collage of often similar fragments, images that portray the space through elements of those who inhabited it: Turi Simeti along with his partner Essila Burello, who was also taken away by the pandemic shortly after the artist. The installation is designed with the technical support of architect Luciano Giorgi (LGB architetti), who also designed the gallery spaces.