RM Bizarre Tour

Bizarre Tour


Silkscreen on aluminium tray

39 x 7 cm

Ed. 12 pieces



The artist duo, founded in Geneva in 2015 and formerly known as Real Madrid, recently changed their name in the wake of a legal dispute. De-christened, they now proceed under the name RM.

Their work has been exhibited in private and public institutions such as the Swiss Institute New York, Aye-Aye Copenhagen, CCS Paris, Macro Rome, CAC Geneva, the Rome Quadriennale, Migros Museum Zurich, ICA Milan, Plymouth Rock Zurich. In 2018 they were artists-in-residence at FAAP Sao Paulo and ProHelvetia Johannesburg; and in 2017 at the Goethe Institute São Paulo. They received a Swiss Art Award in 2018 and were finalists for the BNP Paribas Prize in 2017. In 2019–20 they were fellows at the Swiss Institute in Rome.

In 2023 they will exhibit at the CEC in Geneva and at Auto Italia South East in London.