Ducati Monroe & Fabio Quaranta

DUCATI MONROE in collaboration with FABIO QUARANTA
Il fascino della divisa, 2020
Silver (shiny and satin)
9,5 × 12 cm
Ed. of 10 for each version, numbered



« Il fascino della divisa » by Ducati Monroe in collaboration with Fabio Quaranta is an object in silver that has the shape of a Ray Ban lens, but increased in size. It exhistes in shiny and satin and it can be used just like a silk pochette.

Ducati Monroe is a duo born in 2018 with the aim to formalize reproducible objects. The pleasure, the erotism of the shape and the production process are the raw material that describes the product. Amongst the main productions: VETRORICERCA – Fuorisalone Milano; THE MEGA VIEW – Palermo; IT PLAYS SOMETHING ELSE, 70 anni Diadora – Firenze.