Atelier E.B Cameo Roman Necklace

Cameo Roman necklace
Jasperwear collection, 2018
Silver chain and surround
Chain length 34 cm, adaptable to 24 cm



Atelier E.B’s 3D-printed cameo necklaces. This printing technology allows to emulate the look and feel of Wedgewood Jasperware porcelain. Cameos have existed for thousands of years, tiny precious objects looted from every successive civilisation to be repurposed by the next, transforming as they accrue new meaning, right up to the present day.

Atelier E.B (Edinburgh Bruxelles) is the company name under which the designer Beca Lipscombe and the artist Lucy McKenzie sign their collaborative projects. The group was formed in 2007, and since 2011 the pair have operated as a fashion label which uses local production methods and alternatives forms of distribution and display. Lipscombe and McKenzie place art and design on an equal footing, applying methodologies from both spheres (for instance, embedding critique into clothing and utilising the notion of ‘styling’ as an artistic strategy). Their designs are produced, sold and promoted ethically, yet are too stylistically hacked to be marketed as an ‘eco brand’. They are also too inconsistent in price and material to be niche luxury; they defy categorisation.