Il giorno della fine non ti servirà l’inglese

Alek O. 
Il giorno della fine non ti servirà l’inglese

31.3.23 – 27.5.23

Opening 30 March, 6 – 9 pm 

Text by Cornelia Mattiacci: EN – IT

Il giorno della fine non ti servirà l’inglese (“On the final day you won’t need English”) was taken whole from a Franco Battiato song before being raised to title, a simple operation that reflects a recurring attitude of the artist, i.e. that of drawing on fragments from the world around her and dislocating them, so as to observe and modify their very essence.

The exhibition features a site-specific installation – made up of reclaimed ceiling lights and doormats – along with some new and recent works made using everyday materials. On the final day (which has already come around several times, has it not?), some of the objects that have patiently populated our lives for so long are likely to survive us.

Incidental objects that accumulate a latent collective memory, thus becoming hard to get rid of. Having moved to Milan years ago from Buenos Aires, Alek O. intercepted a number of recurring elements that make up unnoticed threads of the city’s identitary fabric. The lowest common denominator of domestic condominium materials thus provides the landscape in which the artist switches between closed circuits, melts food substances and unhinges synthetic and functional textures, before recomposing and reassembling them once more. [Excerpt from the text by Cornelia Mattiacci]