Gimme Danger

Bernhard Schobinger
Gimme Danger

curated by Saim Demircan

17.2.23 – 25.3.23 

Opening 16 February, 6 – 9 pm

Press release: EN – IT

This exhibition homes in Schobinger’s distinctive approach to making over the past forty years. After a brief stint at the School for Applied Arts in Zürich in 1962/63, he apprenticed in goldsmithing for a Swiss industrial firm. By the end of the 1960s, however, the artist had opened his own workshop and gallery in Richterswil on Lake Zürich. A decade later, Schobinger’s self- determined attitude would coalesce with the ferment of the punk movement, manifesting the raw, propulsive energy that was palpable at the time in his jewelry. Many of the pieces in Gimme Danger were produced in the 1980s, the start of which is a cultural touchstone for the artist – both the “Züri Brännt” (Zürich is burning) protests in Zürich and Joy Division singer Ian Curtis’ death took place in May 1980 – events that mark both a beginning and an end politically and in music. Since then, Schobinger’s commitment to bricolage has remained steadfast throughout his practice as evidenced by recent work made during the last decade also included in the show. [Excerpt from the text by Saim Demircan]