Boutique – Stucchi collier


The Form of a Conversation, 2020
Xerox on paper, plexiglass
30,5 x 42,8 x 2,1 cm

Ed. of 5 + 2 AP

€ 900 + VAT


Davide and I met thanks to Luca Lo Pinto, while organizing a conference that Susan Cianciolo held in Milan over the course of her residency at my new Milanese gallery. It was a hot and hazy summer evening, and the mosquitoes were biting hard. Looking gorgeous in his Margiela Tabi boots, he facilitated Susan’s presentation brilliantly. Davide had imagined that conversation like a necklace, the beads of which followed on from one another like their questions and answers. This image struck me and it would influence the unfolding of things, sparking the start of our relationship.

Davide Stucchi (1988), lives and works in Milan. Davide Stucchi’s artistic research makes use of minimal interventions, often ones of subtraction or alteration, on pre-existing materials. His installations evoke absent bodies that interact with vulnerable objects in the intimacy of spaces sculpted by intimate and private feelings and memories. The comparison with external realities such as fashion, advertising and the domestic environment, in Stucchi’s works, serves as an expedient for the deconstruction of social and gender representations.

This necklace by Davide Stucchi is printed on paper. This work was first imagined by the artist during a conversation with Susan Cianciolo in 2019. Each pearl of the necklace is made of the key words