Boutique – Auvray ring 2


Untitled, 2018 (rings)
Enamel, metal
Dimensions variable

€ 3.000 + VAT

Sylvie Auvray famous series of ring/sculptures. This ring is self sufficient. You can wear it but s/he is also happy to stay on its little tree. Alone or in a group.

Sylvie Auvray (b. 1974) is a visual artist based in Paris. Auvray plays with different materials and techniques including paintings, bronze and aluminium sculptures, and ceramics. Working with various sizes ranging from the large to the very small, combining primitive forms with sharp and strident colours, she gives life to an entire population of hybrid creatures, “bestioles”, that relate to the viewer from diverse perspectives. Her work has been exhibited internationally, including at the Consortium in Dijon, the MAMCO in Geneva.

Sylvie Auvray’s rings are imbued with texture and colour, created by the enamels, metallic oxides and glass powder she incorporates into the firing process. Precious stones and minerals, procured from the renowned mineral and meteorite boutique Carion, depict faces in the place of eyes, noses and mouths. Auvray’s work follows the eccentricity of the contemporary ‘sloppy craft’ style and the ‘fat lava’ style of the 1950s, recalling the ceramics of Raoul Dufy and Josep Llorens Artigas. Their rich textures are also evocative of French Renaissance ceramicist Bernard Palissy, whose depictions of flora and fauna are both enchanting and ominous.

This piece is available in size 57 (U). If you would like a different size, we can produce a similar style within 4-6 weeks. Please contact us using the enquiry button.