Boutique – Auvray drawing1


Sylvie Auvray + Martina Simeti
for the project
The Form of a Conversation, 2020
Monoprint on paper, ink, gouache and paint
22 x 15 cm


€ 1.000 + VAT

These are the works that resulted from the dialogue between Sylvie Auvray and Martina Simeti as part of ‘The Form of a Conversation’. The project aimed to provoke contact, exchange and connections between neurons, aware that encounters are always an experience not without inherent risks.

The format was rooted in an absence. It started with an encounter in which one artist would give form to the other’s words, ‘materialising’  conversation. It is an exercise in which the verb is transformed into a visual object, evoking the potential loss of self. From each of the dialogues, a small series of works on paper is unleashed.

Various pairs of artists who collaborate or have collaborated with the Martina Simeti Gallery offer a reflection on narrative forms and the objectification of identity.

The series opened with the gallerist herself in dialogue with the French artist Sylvie Auvray, as an introduction, followed by Davide Stucchi and Susan Cianciolo, Gaia Vincensini and Mimosa Echard. Other pairings will be added. The whole project will converge into a book.

Sylvie Auvray (b. 1974) is a visual artist based in Paris. Auvray plays with different materials and techniques including paintings, bronze and aluminium sculptures, and ceramics. Working with various sizes ranging from the large to the very small, combining primitive forms with sharp and strident colours, she gives life to an entire population of hybrid creatures, “bestioles”, that relate to the viewer from diverse perspectives. Her work has been exhibited internationally, including at the Consortium in Dijon, the MAMCO in Geneva.