Believe in ur dreams

Jasmine Gregory
Believe in ur Dreams
28.09.23 – 15.12.23
Opening 27 September, 6.00 – 9.00 pm

Text by Steven Warwick

“Every day our dreams, expectations, desires and anxieties are captured, scrutinised, monetized and sold backto us. Do you have ideas or do ideas have you? Simone Weil famously refuted ideology during WW2 whileparadoxically killing herself for an ideological cause. A presidential campaign was won with the simple audacityof hope. One could fancy oneself as a rugged Marlboro Man on the frontier or an employee on a zero hourscontract loading stored artworks into a Swiss freeport.

Jasmine Gregory’s works in this new exhibition mirror and play with these unkept promises which result in thesematerially and conceptually fragile works. Gregory is clearly appropriating this bank advert presumably tosatirise the young artist’s position in the market, with wildly unpredictable career precarity and neutrality andthe promise of meritocracy (hello American dream!) masking actually existing material conditions and classrelations”. [Excerpt from the text by Steven Warwick]