Alek O., Cristian Andersen, Lupo Borgonovo
Anne Bourse, Maurice Pefura, Marisa Tesauro

There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in

15.01.2022– 19.02.2022

Opening 14 January, 6 – 9 pm 

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Shifting between the sunny and the melancholy, the earthy and the ethereal, the elegant figure of the Canadian wordmaster Leonard Cohen has inspired millions of people caught in the frozen dimension of the routine. His words are flares in the night, pills of wisdom. He said: for a brief moment, a breach opens up quietly in the night of our lives; a shower of light floods the soft ground of our habits. Everything comes together, the prodigious and the banal in one. In the early morning, a child stretches. Beneath the ashes, a fire rekindles. A work takes shape before our sleepy eyes.

It is this type of experience that – guided by the prophetic tones of Leonard Cohen – the Martina Simeti Gallery invites us to experience, bringing together six international artists, united here for the first time in Milan, and reconfiguring part of the history lying between humans and their objects. The former have told stories and told themselves stories through objects, be they tiny or huge, confusing or touching. Alek O’s broken mirror, Cristian Andersen’s lamp in search of balance, Lupo Borgonovo’s carpet, Anne Bourse’s pocket theatre, Maurice Pefura’s disconcerting panels and Marisa Tesauro’s delicate ceramics all come from very far away. They go right back to the dawn of time.

All the strength of this artistic constellation is rooted in the fact that it allows us to perceive what reality itself cannot say or, at the very least, that it risks overlooking. Indeed, Alek O., Cristian Andersen, Lupo Borgonovo, Anne Bourse, Maurice Pefura and Marisa Tesauro gladly draw us into a new relationship with space. With reassuring audacity, they toy with our laziness and our doubts. Their understated nerve is a gamble, or rather a welcome novelty.

Our cracks are not borders. They are not imperfections. They lift us up, filling our sails. And the light seeps in through our cracks. We are comforted, reconciled with ourselves and with the great Whole alike.

For there is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.