Ornament is crime. Until it isn’t. Martina Simeti opens the strongroom of her new exhibition space, a former silversmith’s laboratory, to present a selection of ornaments that includes pieces by Sylvie Auvray, Friedrich Becker, Ligia Dias, Aboubakar Fofana, Shilpa Gupta, GianCarlo Montebello, Viola Pisenti, Bernhard Schobinger, Francesco Simeti, Grazia Varisco and Betony Vernon.

This is an invitation to a blind date without formal certainties, where the conceptual, the sensorial and the technical meet in an enquiry on the links between body ornaments and art, not to strive for a common, shared definition. Rather, they invite examination of the differing perspectives from which these realms come together in ever more diverse contexts, and speculation about the evolution of categories and the borders of art.

Unique examples, multiples - limited or not in number - of primary or secondary output, these pieces are always engaged in a bold and uninhibited dialogue between mind, eye and body.