Sustenance00Within the storage room of Chesa Planta, the vitrine for NOMAD St. Moritz, Martina Simeti presents a selection of unique pieces and limited editions including “Mom and Dad”, glasses marked with tattoos by Ducati Monroe (Diego Perrone & Andrea Sala), presented for the first time at Manifesta 12 in Palermo, uncanny faience pots by Sylvie Auvray, a series of guerrilla dishes by Francesco Simeti. Further works on display are a mirror made of mussels remaining from a family meal by Ligia Dias, objects made out of poison bottles by Bernhard Schobinger and fragile handcrafted tapestries by Susan Cianciolo. Together, they begin an open-ended dialogue between sustenance and métissage, pointing to correlated issues of gender roles and conflicts that still inhabit both contemporary families and society.The project takes inspiration from 'Pomp and Sustenance', a book by Mary Taylor Simeti about Sicilian food tradition. Part memoir and part a collection of family recipes, it traces the history of one of the oldest cuisines in Europe continually redefined by the island’s successive invaders.