Susan Cianciolo is an artist-designer-filmmaker. Her oeuvre, spans handcrafted tapestry, drawing, collage, mobiles, as well as performance. In the 90s, Cianciolo initiated RUN, first a clothing line produced collaboratively with family and friends, often made from found or recycled garments and textiles, which has become a cult in the New York’s avant-garde art and fashion scene. It then "became an umbrella for a wide range of propositions that have operated sometimes in tandem with collections and sometimes independently of them, and that continue to this day"(Art Forum). One of the earliest was RUN Restaurant, an establishment that existed for a month at New York’s Alleged Galleries in 2001 and was recreated in 2017 for the Whitney Biennial in NYC.

Cianciolo will be artist in residence at Martina Simeti in June/July 2019.